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    NanJing SuYang Labor Service Co.,Ltd






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    SuYang Company Add New Logistics Service Project

          In March 2014,Through continuous communication and efforts, SuYang company reached a consensus with Austria large enterprise for a backcourt logistic service project.

          SuYang company is one of the earliest companies doing backcourt logistic service in Nanjing chemical & industrial area. After several field studies and knowledge about SuYang company, the customer regards our company as a powerful, normative, resourceful, professional company, which is capable to do its backcourt logistic service.

          In current market, more and more foreign companies start outsourcing. Instead of single people outsourcing, they choose to outsource the whole process including people and equipment. Many customers of SuYang company chose to outsource the whole service.

          SuYang company makes effort to build brand service and hopes more enterprises start to know SuYang company. We look forward to establish long-term relationships with you!

    NanJing SuYang Labor Service Co.,Ltd

    Welcome to visit our company or call us for more information!

    Address: No.771 Xuxi Road, Luhe District,Nanjing
    Tel: 025-57053481,025-57059767  Fax: 025-57053481-8004  Email: suyangceo@126.com   Website: m.njd4jc.com